Guarani - GUA ICO is providing a new standard for digital assets, it is the first  philanthropic orientated, greedy free, non for profit , crypto currency focused on ind! projections milestones – eleven11+ plus activities, that works pretty much like a business assets investment.


A long term investment  alternative  to your portfolio in a multi billion raising market.


eleven11+ plus activities is an environment, community related, culture driven urban proposals for development - a circuit of 84 cities – Brazil 68 cities – UK 16 cities.


eleven11+ plus activities aims to plan, design and execute activities on an urban scale.


eleven11+ plus is a large private investment initiative which will improve communities infrastructure and subsequently  return dividends (ROI) for it's token holders/investors.


We expected to invest over US $10 trillions in the next 50 years through different sources of incomes and ICO Framework Investments launch.


A private,  non governmental urban initiative of architecture & engineering designs from mixed used landscape, to social housing, alternative pharmaceutical-free healing hospitals, monasteries, leisure centres, schools, meditation halls, university campus, lakes, trees reforestation, pagodas, hydro-phonic farms, solar infrastructure, Satsangs spaces, canals and transportation.


In UK 16 cities, eleven11+ plus is an urban relocation program circuit.

The urban infrastructure relocation of cities which will be affected by the flooding effects of climate change, an urban relocation initiative to other, safer cities in the island.


In Brazil 68 cities, eleven11+plus is a private initiative circuit in a developing country full of opportunities for growth with an unfortunate high indices of housing deficiency (the slams).

Over 3 millions families lives in slums affecting over 20 million adults, the elderly and children.


We will privately transform the urban landscape of those respective cities in Brazil and UK applying sustainable design to become the most urban sustainable development of  the emerging smart economy.


A long term initiative which will through it's 50 years cycle  benefit over 22 million people in deprived communities directly throughout the project framework investments, many more indirectly eventually.


At each development stage eleven11+ plus  provides a Framework of investments.


The release of the first ICO of Guarani-GUA crypto is to generate funds for the activities of Framework 1 investment.


Framework 1 investments  alone which is Guarani - GUA first ICO launch, will create over 5000 jobs opportunities through contract work on it's development stage before operation.


Over  500 jobs and more than 100 apprenticeship opportunities in Brazil & UK when Guarani-GUA  activities are concluded and in operation plus 20% annual dividend ROI  distributed among  token holders - investors (please see dividends table on the White Paper document).



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