Guarani-GUA as an alt coin is also an alt coin follower and eventually has it's alt coin portfolio.

Alt Coins for us are what supports the infrastructure and the ecosystem of cryptos, and we are full of gratitude to become one.


It also means that Guarani - GUA founder did read over many White Papers in the past years

and one thing that is common is that most of FAQ questions and answers are questions

and answers already included in an organized, well thought White Paper and it has become something like an instruction manual where to have an ICO you must need to have a FAQ.


Not necessarily.


Prior to that, it is interesting to add that Guarani - GUA core is the influence of  the general principles of Satoshi Nakamoto  - transparency, descentralization and the 'get the middleman out principle', plus Vitalik power to the individual who  diverse as indiviuals are offer ICOs a new ground to diversify, implement and release new business models.


Guarani - GUA does have these principles implicit in its roots.


So if you navigate to this part of the site, and are really interested to participate in the Guarani - GUA ICO, rather than let your critical mostly egocentric mind raise the question:        -There's isn't FAQ, we kindly suggest you to read Guarani - GUA White Paper.


If still, any questions arise, please feel free to write to us at support@guarani-cryptp.net




Guarani - GUA