May 04th 2018


Since Guarani-GUA ICO release and over 150 days after we decided to update it's White Paper to improve the quality of Guarani-GUA as to benifit investors, communities and the project itself.


November 30th -2017


Guarani-GUA ICO is open. Guarani-GUA has a different approach towards ICO, it's ICO sales is  indefinite and closes when the token availability expires, it also did not have pre-sales offers.



October 18th -2017


After few weeks of consultancy we partnership with a marketing design team to begin Guarani - GUA ICO marketing activities please visit our facebook page:






September 10th - 2017


It is a common language for many enterprises that the single  visual image, the brand,   is the first step to make the team motivated to work to  attain the business milestones.


After few weeks of many different sketches, Guarani - GUA manifests it's true image, it's brand and it  works perfectly among all the others cryptocurrencies.


What do you think?











Thanks benign Universe


The Director

Guarani - GUA




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