After over 150 days since Guarani - GUA ICO became Live, we had over 1000

   visitors, meet financial advisers and decided to update Guarani -GUA White Paper,

  Guarani - GUA ERC20 Tokens, to benefit investors, communities and the project itself.


                 We reduce the vaue of Guarani-GUA from USD$10.00 to USD$1.00

     The reduction of value is to give Guarani-GUA liquidity as an ERC20 token, also to  

          become a more stable, reasonable and competitive crypto when available

                                                  in the Exchange.

      We also increase the numbers of tokens/shares from 10 million to 100 million.


  Those changes will reflect in the annual ROI  which means that Guarani-GUA will offer

                             an increase  annual ROI from 0.16% to 10.08%

                             per every 100 Guarani-GUA tokens puchased

      in its sale phase, until tokens expires before Guarani-GUA is available on Exchanges.


    The changes will be available in details at Guarani - GUA White Paper Update Version

                         which will be available here @ www.guarani-crypto.net soon.


            Yours Sincerely

                                    A F Coronado -Gurani -GUA Founder & Director