Guarani Team is a single member company limited by guarantee, therefore token holders has no voting rights towards the decision of the company activities.

The founder and team leader is supported by a number of experience advisers in the field of computer programing, marketing, jurisdiction. account management, economics  (financial analysts) and design, it means that the Guarani - GUA team is comprised of the advisory team, team members who receives a share upon the success of Guarani - GUA digital currency, plus the contract based team which are team members which we develop a close relationship but are contract fee based partners and does not belong to Guarani - GUA share ownership.

Guarani - GUA team is also comprised of Continuous Contributors which are team members who cooperate to the success of Guarani-GUA cryptocurrency for free in the spirit of the Open Source community and benefits with the success of Guarani-GUA as it scales by receiving dividends, as it is described in the Guarani - GUA White Paper document. If you are interested to become a Continuous Contributor please email us at: support@guarani-crypto.net

The activities of Guarani-GUA post ICO will be delivered in a contract format rather than a HR Team .