Guarani Team is a single member company limited by guarantee, therefore token holders has no voting rights towards the decision of the company activities.

The founder and team leader is supported by a number of experience advisers in the field of computer programing, marketing, jurisdiction. account management, economics  (financial analysts) and design, it means that the Guarani - GUA team is comprised of the advisory team, team members who receives a share upon the success of Guarani - GUA digital currency, plus the contract based team which are team members which we develop a close relationship but are contract fee based partners and does not belong to Guarani - GUA share ownership.

Guarani - GUA team is also comprised of Continuous Contributors which are team members who cooperate to the success of Guarani-GUA cryptocurrency for free in the spirit of the Open Source community and benefits with the success of Guarani-GUA as it scales by receiving dividends, as it is described in the Guarani - GUA White Paper document. If you are interested to become a Continuous Contributor please email us at: support@guarani-crypto.net

The activities of Guarani-GUA post ICO will be delivered in a contract format rather than a HR Team .                              











                                               A F Coronado

Antonio Fernando Coronado is a brazilian born with residence in United Kingdom.

He  begin his computer studies while still in Brazil in his teens, back in 1986 learning Basic,  Visual Basic & C++. He left  his computer studies route for the Arts to arrived in Great Britain in the early 90's to study the english language, electronic music & IT design & Infrastructure and received in 1996 a BTEC National Diploma in Music & IT from the South Thames College in London.

By the mid 90's with his previous knowledge of basic programming he find fascinating the beginning of HTML, at the early stages of the dot com phenomena and received, LOCF London Open Colleges Certificate in Web design, programming & Multimedia Authoring. He did also studied one year at South Bank University BEng Electronic Computing and left South Bank University to The University of Greenwich to complete his BA(hons) in Architecture , Landscape and Urban Design in 2005.

In 2007 he begin the design of eleven11+ plus and in 2008 incorporated ind! projections, a company limited by guarantee, to become the business founder, CEO & Creative Director.

With a decade of business management, accounting returns and the design of the  business milestones, a passion for economics, design, the creative visual arts, architecture and music, he finds the ICO a great opportunity to  funding ind! projections milestones and designed an interesting plan of investment for the crypto currencies environment and invite you to participate prior  to  the release of  Guarani - GUA the first philanthropic crypto.




Guarani Director